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April 17, 2010

COZENS READ – my 6 x great grandfather

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Cozens READ has become extremely special to me.  It took me just short of ten years to find his baptism and therefore his parents after searching through over 300 Parish Registers and many different documents (for clues) and Wills and things.

When I found his baptism, it really did not matter at all that he was shown as the daughter of William READ!!

Because of the research I had done to find him I knew there was no other Cozens READ.  His name for his baptism was shown in the register as Coessens Read and I have a copy of that page, which hopefully I will be able to show on this blog soon.  But of course, I still had to prove that this daughter was in fact my 6 x great grandfather, so I continued searching for a burial of a daughter with that name and then another baptism after any burial for the son called Cozens.  Again, I have searched so many registers and not found a burial for the supposed daughter nor another baptism for a second Cozens READ.

Anything I have found regarding Cozens READ does only apply to my 6 x great grandfather so I am fairly sure that he is the daughter shown in this particular baptism entry.  What makes me think the Clerk made a mistake while writing the entry is that there were many daughters having their baptisms registered on that page so he must have just written the word daughter as he had done so many times already and then a couple of entries after the mention of Coessens Read, the Clerk has written about “Sary the the of “(and her father’s name – not a Read) so the Clerk doesn’t even say if she was a son or a daughter!!  (I refer to her as female because I am pretty sure that Sary is for the name Sarah).

Because of doing so much research on Cozens READ I now tend to relate all the ancestors to him, for eg. my 8 x great grandfather John READ does not really get referred to as that by me, instead I only refer to him as Cozens READ’s grandfather.  The same applies to other ancestors, they are referred to as whatever relationship they had to Cozens READ.  Makes life so much simpler, I know who I am talking about then!!  😉

You will probably find as you wend your way through my blog that Cozens READ gets a lot of mentions!!  Wouldn’t it be nice if he knew he had a 6 x great granddaughter who was so fond of him.


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