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June 14, 2010

Follow-Up on my cousin getting back to her 25 x great grandfather!!

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It’s just about a week since I posted here with a lot of excitement about my cousin Maureen discovering her 25 x great grandfather and that she was now in the realms of the Crusades and whatever else was going on waaaaaaaaay back then!  I’m really envious too, as it would be so good to research your ancestors back in those times, and I think I will start having some difficulty getting back to even the 1400s with my ancestors.

Well, yesterday cousin Maureen emailed me again.  This time it was to tell me of her Eureka moment!!  And my goodness, what a Eureka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moment it must have been for her!!  She had told me last week that she was obtaining a particular book through the Inter-Library loan service which detailed this particular family line she was tracing on her maternal side.  The line is that of Corfield.  I thought it was wonderful that there was a book Maureen could obtain that would enlighten her more on this particular branch of her family, and I know myself when I have started to delve into older books, the information is usually fairly spot on as people had been able to access records that were extant then but now are no longer in existance or if they are, probably completely unreadable.

Well, about cousin Maureen’s Eureka moment!  She managed to see the book at the library last Friday – I think it has taken her almost the whole weekend to come back down to earth!! 😉   She has now gone back to her 28 x great grandfather and believe it or not, according to this book, that gentleman is King William I.

But her 22 x great grandfather is King Edward I and it is through his wife (cousin Maureen’s 22 x great grandmother) that this Corfield line goes back even further.  In Maureen’s own words:  “… it was mind blowing …”  and her 22 x great grandmother’s family go back such a long way, taking in El Cid.  (I never realised he was a real person – showing my ignorance here – but I know this is the time of chariots and such) and Maureen’s family also go back to the Kings of Portugal and more and go on back to 827 BC.  Cousin Maureen said “Surely something must not be right.  I just can’t take it all in”.

So, although a completely wonderful Eureka moment for her, cousin Maureen is a bit doubtful about all this.  I have suggested again that she really should start a blog about how she follows all this and what she discovers with her research.  I haven’t heard back from her yet, but won’t this all be so wonderful to research even if some or all turns out to not be true.  But then again, would someone writing such a book make all that up?  And if it is all true, where would cousin Maureen start with all this research?  She has to prove it for herself however long it takes.

I love history so would relish getting stuck into this particular research, so whatever the end result, if cousin Maureen does follow it all through she is in for a very interesting time.  (Should I start practising curtseying do you think)? 😉


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