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June 25, 2010

Help!!! Hope the person this is for sees it!!!! – re: an Olliffe burial?

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I have been driving myself mad the last couple of days because one of my “new” cousins mentioned in an email or message (on Genes Reunited maybe?) that they were looking for a burial for their ancestor with the surname Olliffe and I know that this is also connected to the Cox family and Rose family.

I have searched and searched and can’t find the message this cousin wrote to me anywhere and I now have some information that may well be of great help to them, and because I have such a jumble of things on my mind I really cannot remember which of my cousins mentioned this burial to me.

I don’t throw away any of the emails/messages I get from cousins and friends, so know the original message is where it was sent to.  But I have been through everything and just cannot find it.  I think it was fairly recent (in the last month or so), but then again it might have been a bit longer ago than that – I lose track of time when engrossed in my genealogy research!!!

I am really hoping that the person this applies to visits my blog occasionally and will see this and if so, please put a comment here or send me another email/message please.

I am soooooooo sorry about this and now I have some hopefully very useful information, I want to get it to that particular cousin.


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