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July 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday follow-up: The answer!!

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For those of you that saw my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday posing the question I Wonder What They Are Looking At???  with the following photo:

original photograph taken by me Summer 2009 - copyright 2010

Did you have a guess?  Did you guess right?  Here’s a little clue:

original photograph taken by me Summer 2009 - copyright 2010

Yep, it’s someone in a Bee-Keeper’s outfit!!   I had to face my greatest fear – I am allergic to things like bee and wasp stings and know that such stings can kill.  So, when we were visited by a huge swarm of millions (well maybe not millions but thousands) of bees which proceeded to go down one of our chimney pots and into our bedroom!    Shriek!!    Aaaaaaaagh!!  How awful is that? 

My brave partner Paul ventured into the bedroom to open the windows to let them out.  But the silly things went out the window and back up to the chimney pot and back down into our bedroom!  Which is what the family are looking at in the photo I used for Wordless Wednesday yesterday. 

Our friend arrived in her Bee-Keeping outfit and was hoping to gather the swarm and take it back to her small farm to add to the beehives she already had.  So she came armed with a smoke gun (to make them sleepy – well it’s supposed to) and her net to gather them somehow in their huge round swarm.   But …

They would not get sleepy!  They had lots and lots of smoke aimed at them in our bedroom, but they would not shift or sleep.  We tried on and off for hours to make them sleepy so our friend could come back and get them.  This went on for a couple of days or so and of course meant that we could not sleep in our bedroom and our clothes and bits and bobs were in there and the bees were happily going everywhere in there!!!

Unfortunately we ended up having to kill them, they just would not shift or get sleepy.  Some got out back up the chimney but most stayed and were not intending on going anywhere else!!

original photograph taken by my partner Paul - Summer 2009 - copyright 2010

This photo shows a tiny, tiny sample of some of them, there really were thousands.  It took a couple of weeks sleeping on the chairs in our living room before we sorted everything out and made sure there were no angry bees laying in wait for us in the bedroom!


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