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July 11, 2010

It’s been a bit of a varied week!

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I have had a bit of an up and down week this week, so haven’t really kept up with the blog and adding things that I was about to add!

I’ve been a bit unwell with some buggy thing that dragged on a bit but am ok now so want to get going again!

I finally received the old old Wills from Buckinghamshire County Council which I ordered a month ago online and which were supposed to arrive within 10 working days.  They are great, from the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s and I was so hoping they would be helpful in piecing together the earlier Reads in Buckinghamshire.  With only a quick glance so far, I can see that it is not going to help much when one person leaves everything to his unmarried sister and she is all that is named.  Aaah well, there might be a treasure there in one of the Wills once I have deciphered the writing, thank goodness none appear to have been written in Latin.

For a while I have been trying to learn more about the life of my Aunt (my dear late Dad’s sister) and my Uncle and their life in Bermuda.  My Dad was only about 10 or 12 years old when his sister left London to marry and live in Bermuda.  Over the years of my life nothing much was ever said about them but I know there appears to have been some family disapproval at the time and some mystery and so I grew up knowing they were in Bermuda, but virtually nothing else.  Any questions were answered with either that it was a long way away so nothing is heard about them or the questions were answered with “I don’t really know”. 

I met my Aunt once in the 1970s, along with her daughter, my cousin, and for Dad it must have been wonderful as this was the only time he saw his sister since he was a little boy.  By this time my Uncle was no longer living with his wife and children, the mystery part of things, and so time went on and over many years I just have often thought how sad it has all been because of the original disapproval and whatever the mystery was.

No-one in my side of the family is still with us who could answer more questions or were the disapproving ones, so I feel that I am not really going to upset anyone now as I try to learn more about my family in Bermuda.

To cut a long story short, after making some enquiries in Bermuda, I heard this week from someone who is a cousin of my Uncle and has told me things I never knew and I am so pleased and excited by all this, but sad too because of the outcome.  I am pleased too that his family supported and looked out for my Aunt, because no-one here in the UK appears to have helped her when she most needed it.  And hopefully, I will soon be back in touch with my cousin.

I realise also that I have been very neglectful with my Ancestor Anniversaries series, mainly due to other things going on that takes me away from genealogy, so I want to rectify that, hopefully starting tomorrow!!

So, all being well, I can get back into the swing of the blog (which I am enjoying so very much since I updated it and moved it here) more regularly from tomorrow!  🙂


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