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July 17, 2010

Something of Interest: The Cross Keys Tavern, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

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I’ve been doing a lot of sorting out of the various bits and pieces I have collected over the years concerning my ancestors and scanning things where I can and so on.

I recently came across a postcard I have showing the Market Square, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.  The picture is interesting in itself as it is a moment frozen in the year 1900.  However for me it has more meaning to it.   On the left of the postcard is a pub, or tavern called The Cross Keys and I obtained this particular postcard because my ancestor Robert Read (1740 – 1799), one of the children of my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read, actually bought this tavern in 1772.

By the time the picture was taken of the Market Square in 1900, the Tavern had already been standing for a very long time.

I have been to that Square in the year 2000 but at the time did not know that one of my ancestors owned a tavern in the Square.  And I really don’t remember now if I actually saw it in 2000 or not!!  I have no idea if it is still there or whether it has been “modernised” as so many old places are these days.

But I love to see it in this postcard pic, as that must be something of what it looked like in the 1700s and I can think of Robert and his wife Mary and their children pottering about in there, coming and going through the front door and even walking about in the Square.  Oh for a time machine!!

Portion of a postcard picture in my private collection - copyright 2010

I have no idea if I will get the chance to go back to the Market Square at Aylesbury again, but if I ever do I will certainly look out for this building.  (Or at least the space if it has changed completely)!!


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