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July 23, 2010

Which sister is this to Herbert Howard Laity?

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Following on from this week’s Tombstone Tuesday showing the tombstone of my partner Paul’s ancestor Herbert Howard Laity and his wife, and also following our discovery of “new” cousin Charlene, she has asked if I could post this photograph of one of Herbert  Howard Laity’s sisters.

Herbert Howard had six sisters and although this young lady is known to be definitely one of those sisters, no-one is quite sure which one she is.  So we are hoping that just maybe someone out there reading this is connected to the Laity family and recognises the photo.

Herbert Howard’s sisters are as follows:  Aleatha Susan Laity born December 22, 1882; Gertrude Hester Agatha Laity born September 28, 1884; Lillian Winnifred Laity born December 17, 1886; Mabel Prefosia Laity and Elizabeth Jane Laity both born March 17, 1895 and Violet Merian Laity born August 23, 1904.  I just love some of those names!!

Here is the young lady whose name we seek

original photograph in the private collection of C. Faiella - copyright 2010

I have been trying to work out roughly what age this young lady would be in this photograph and it would have been so good to have the name of the photographer on the front, so I could check out when he was taking photographs as that would help.  I daresay there are clues in the style of this young lady’s clothing and hopefully there might also be someone reading this that might just know how to date photos!!

We would love to hear from anyone who is either connected to the Laity’s, or who can help with dating this photo or who could suggest other avenues we could try so that we can delve a little further.



  1. I too am interested in anything Laity. Recently I happened on this website that has a lot of info on one part of the Laity family tree.
    Anything that relates to Laity’s I find interesting. I am a 64yr old and have lived in Alaska 20 years.

    Comment by Edwin Cresswell Laity — March 25, 2011 @ 5:12 pm

    • Hallo Edwin, Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting. Thanks so much for the link too. I had a quick look, and now need to go back and look more thoroughly.

      I’d love to know where you fit in on the huge Laity tree we have. My partner Paul is the one who would be connected to you. His grandmother was a Laity and his great grandmother was also Leaity, both ladies connected to each other. Now that we have found you (or rather you found us), please keep in touch.

      Kind regards,

      Christine (rootsresearcher)

      Comment by rootsresearcher — March 28, 2011 @ 11:55 pm

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