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January 24, 2011

At last I’m back!! It’s been so long!!

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I can’t believe just how long it has been since I was last here and at my Graveyard Rabbit blog  posting new blog items and pics.

I’ve just written a similar post to my Rabbit blog about the most terrible internet connection problems we have been having for a very long time which meant that I could barely do anything on the internet.  The problem was something to do with the speed and the strength of the connection and I would get to my home page showing a good speed and strength and by the time it loaded in the strength had gone down to 1%.  Which meant I was lucky if I could get to another site at all just to even look at.  I certainly was not able to upload photos or even manage to get to my blogs to write anything.   Ooooooooooh it’s been so awful, I have been completely lost with very little access to the internet.  I really don’t know how I managed before I bought a computer!!!

It didn’t help when our service provider told us it was our computer – which was fairly new and had been checked by a local firm, just in case it was the computer.  We even got them to check our wireless router and all was well in that respect.  We get the use of the phone line from another provider and they said it was our computer   😦   here we go again, or our main service provider.  But somehow none of them knew what the problem was but they have managed to fix it.  Well, they fixed it a little before Christmas but it was still very limited as to what we could do and now it seems it is fixed properly.  Still they don’t know what the problem was – I think that’s a cost cutting exercise as none of the companies concerned want to refund the internet charges we have continued paying!!!!!

I must apologise to those who have left a few comments and they have waited such a long time for me to be able to moderate them and show them here.  I hope I will be forgiven for such a long delay.

But the good news is that at last, I can get back into the swing of things and start adding to the blog again.  I’ve missed all this so very much. 

I’ve also noticed that there have been a few changes such as the Daily Blogging Themes for me to have a think about.  Instead of the one topic per day there now seems to be several topics per day and they all look very interesting.  I know I am going to enjoy adding some of these new themes to the blog.

I shall have to do something about my “Coming Soon” Page – the posts I was going to write about have been a long time coming because of this huge gap since I was last here.  I will try to get those done quickly so I can add new things to the “Coming Soon” Page!!

I’m rarin’ to go and start blogging again, got a lot of making up to do for such a big gap between posts!!  It will probably take me a day or two to get back into the swing of things.  😉


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