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April 14, 2011

Something of Interest: Copies of Marriage Licences Received

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I ordered 24 copies of the Marriage Licences of many of my ancestors from the Buckinghamshire Record Office.  I wanted about 37 but only 24 of the ones I ordered have survived.

I have been waiting since February for these but because of a shortage of staff there was a backlog of about a month before my order was even going to be looked at!!

It arrived like this:  (I’ve hidden my address as I did not want it to show all over the internet). 

Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2011


I was a little dismayed at the sight of this and know it wasn’t the fault of the Record Office.  This is the result of its travel through our postal system.  Had there been anything small in that package, then that would have disappeared!!  It is worse than the photo shows.  There are other holes at the back and it is completely battered and torn.

Here is some of what was inside:

Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2011


Ooooooh, lots of lovely old documents to read and lots of notes to take!!

I included one of these Marriage Licences for the Amanuensis Monday theme this week, that of Michael Read who is one of the sons of my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read.   I was so pleased to have this document as it cleared up a little niggling doubt I have had for a number of years.  Michael married when he was 49 years old, so I always wondered if he just might have been married before this.  His Marriage document states that he is a bachelor when he marries Martha Smith so now that niggling doubt I have had for so long has finally disappeared.   🙂


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