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January 31, 2011

Ancestor Anniversaries: Frederick Sinclair

Today would be the birthday of my maternal grandfather Frederick Sinclair.  I loved him very much and still miss him terribly.

He loved to keep scrapbooks and had loads of them.  It was always a delight when I was a child and older, poring through them.  Grandpa would put anything and everything in them, there did not seem to be an order of topics.  If he liked the look of it he would cut it out of where he saw it and stick it into his scrapbook.  There were also news items, photographs, all sorts.

The photos of Grandpa that I show here have been on the blog before, but I have very few photos of him, so hope I am forgiven for showing this again.  (It was used for the Carnival of Genealogy – Scrapbooking Your Family post).

Photos in my private collection and shown here digitally scrapped by me - copyright 2011

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