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May 26, 2010

Ancestor Anniversaries: Gordon Alexander Sinclair

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Today’s anniversary marks the death of my uncle Gordon Alexander Sinclair in 1931.  He was only 23 when he died, the Death Certificate says Consumption which I believe is what we know as TB.

My Mum was only 4 years old when her brother Gordon died.  She remembers him with much fondness but does not know too much about him as she was so much younger.  Uncle Gordon’s only other living relative that he knew, his sister Lucy, will very soon be reaching her 100th birthday and she does not now remember a great deal about him.

My uncle Gordon Alexander Sinclair at c 22 years old  (about 1930)

Original photograph in my private collection copyright 2010

 Although I never met him, like my Mum, I too have a great fondness for my uncle Gordon.  I think it such a shame that he died so very young and so missed out on maybe marrying and having a family of his own.  I’m sure he would have been a very favourite uncle to me if he lived long enough for me to have known him.

There is very little information that I can say about uncle Gordon that I have managed to glean over a few years from my Mum and my Aunt.  I do remember once coming across a photo of him tucked into a draw when I was a child at my grandmother’s house and asked her who he was.  She just said “That’s Gordon” and put the photo to the back of the drawer and shut it tight.  Gran never talked about uncle Gordon when I was around!

I know now that she was very upset still after quite a number of years and just could not talk about him.

Uncle Gordon played the saxophone and had his own small band, about four of them.  The band used to perform in entertainment places at night – he did not get the chance to give up his day job working in a bank.

My uncle also used to really enjoy playing tennis, and he owned a motorbike too.  Apart from that there is very little else that I know of my uncle.

I know of course that it can never happen now but I certainly would have liked to have known my uncle, he seems to have had some fun in his short life.


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