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February 21, 2011

Mystery Monday: So, what fell from the sky in 1658?

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In doing my family history research I have searched through hundreds of parish registers.

I always note certain things that I think are interesting, even if they don’t have anything to do with my own ancestors.

Much of my research is in Buckinghamshire, UK and so I noticed this in the Parish Register for St. Mary’s, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

“Upon the 11th of December in this yeare 1658: beinge Saterday a lecture beinge constantly keept: there hapned to fall in the time of sermon a greate stone which wayed about three or four score pounds: and there was then present in their seats neere an hundred scoolers: which stone did breake to of thier heads and part of the gallery where they sate:  soe through providence of god there was none other hurt done:  I pray god wee may all eye his mercies in this and others of his deliverances.  Thomas Daney and Robert Bryan were the: 2 scoolers which were hurte”.

I find this fascinating.  As the two that were hurt (were they killed, we don’t seem to know) were sitting in the gallery, this is higher up in the church.  So the “greate stone” must have come through the roof of the church.  What was it?  Perhaps a meteor?  In those days would they know of meteors?  If they did not, imagine all the things they must have suggested it might be when they discussed it.  How did they shift it and what did they do with it?  A real mystery!!

February 7, 2011

Mystery Monday: My Gran Lucy Sinclair nee Dartnell and Miss Foote, Costumier

This is only a little mystery and not really vital to my research regarding my maternal grandmother Lucy Harriett Sinclair nee Dartnell  (1883 – 1984) but it is of interest to me and I would like to delve a little further!!

My gran used to be a Court dressmaker, this meant that she would make clothing for the ladies of the royal Court.  She started doing this in the reign of Queen Victoria and when Queen Victoria died in 1901 her son became King as Edward VII and he was married to Princess Alexander of Denmark. He died in 1910 and his son became King George V and he reigned from 1910 – 1936.

I don’t know for sure how long my grandmother was working as a Court dressmaker but she certainly would have been doing this towards the end of Queen Victoria’s reign, through King Edward VII’s reign and certainly into the beginning of King George V’s reign.

Lucy and Frederick Sinclair (my grandparents) with Miss Foote


Original photograph in my private collection - copyright 2011


As can be seen from the photo, Miss Foote had her business as a Costumier, etc at a building called Hatherley Villa.  I’m not too sure of the date of this photograph but my grandparents married in 1906 in London so I would say this is after that, maybe up to about 1910.

Miss Foote, my grandmother Lucy Sinclair nee Dartnell and an unknown gentleman!


Original photograph in my private collection - copyright 2011


I have tried to find Miss Foote in the Censuses but as I don’t know her full name, age or anything else about her other than her surname this has proved difficult.  I have tried to search for a building called Hatherley Villa in London but haven’t been able to find anything helpful.

My grandparents Lucy and Frederick Sinclair (he was born in 1878 and died in 1970) were both from Lambeth, London and married there also.  I thought perhaps this would be a good place to look for Miss Foote and her business but haven’t learned anything more.  I have not looked in Trade Directories yet.

So the little mystery is who is Miss Foote, where was her business and I wonder if I can find out more about her business as costumier to the royal Court.

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