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March 3, 2012

Sorting Saturday: I’m Back – And Goodness, I’ve Some Sorting To Do!!!

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As some of you reading this will have already realised, I have been away from this blog for a very looooong time!!  I did a little post at Christmas (2011) to explain the reason for not being able to keep up with the blog and it has taken this long to make a start on getting back here.

I decided that Sorting Saturday was a really good and very apt start!!  The reason for that is because I wanted to get back to the Daily Blogging Themes to help get into the swing of things again.  But, I realised that as it has been so long since I properly posted here, I had forgotten a lot of who I had written about and what I said.

So, some sorting was required.  It also meant that I had to sort much of my genealogical files and folders on my computer, laptop and in my Dropbox because quite frankly, I had stuff all over the place and in order to find anything to blog about I would have to go through it all to find what I wanted.

Now I have the computer more or less sorted with all my genealogy items in one place (for the moment).  Now I know where to look for everything although there still is some sorting to do to make it a better system.  I’m hoping my One Note notebooks will be good for that!!

OK, so getting back to the blog.  I’ve been checking what I have done here already, and re-reading most of my posts.  I’m horrified to see that my “Coming Soon” section has had three topics sitting there for what must be more than a year!!!  Oh my goodness!!   So, I think a priority is to actually write the posts for those three topics very soon, and add different items to the “Coming Soon” section and actually do them soon after that.

I was going to add to my Family Tree Charts here but now have the wonderful TNG programme to add to this blog, once I finish adding all the details to it.  I think it will be a much better part of the blog and am really looking forward to setting it up here, hopefully soon.

I see some of my other sections such as the Old Documents, Photos of Ancestors, Want Copies? and so on need to be updated too.

There are so many things here that need attending to and I suppose I should be thankful for the break away as it has meant that I have gone through everything with a fresh eye and have been able to spot the things that need attention, whereas before, they were added to the blog and then left.

So, I must do some sorting, sorting and even more sorting and really make a concerted effort to get back into the swing of things.  I’m looking forward to it and also to “meeting up” again with my geneablogging friends and all the new cousins I found through this blog.   🙂


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