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May 24, 2015

Apologies to those leaving comments!

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I must apologise to all those of you who have left comments for me, which have been held up for me to moderate (to stop spam etc., being added).

I have been away from my blog for such a long time and have found many comments from lots of “new” cousins which I am delighted about, but you have probably all given up on me as some of the comments go back to 2013 !!!!

I am going through them to add here and will add a comment to those in answer and hope you get to see it.

So sorry 😦

Wow! So very very long since my last post!!!

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I knew I had very sadly neglected this blog, mainly due to looking after my Aunt who is now 104 and a half years old and although we love having her here with us, much of our time is spent looking after her.

I had fully intended keeping up with posts but time has just rolled on and it is now such a huge gap since my last post.

I discovered some wonderful news today which is what has prompted me to most definitely add a post today (which will be under Sentimental Sunday) and although I can’t promise to post regularly yet, like I used to, I will really try not to leave it so long before getting back here.  🙂

December 22, 2011

Christmas Wishes and apologies for neglecting this blog!!

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I know that it is such a very very looooooong time since I was able to post on my blog and am amazed it really has been ages since my last post.

Due to illness in the family and later a sudden change with things in September I really have not had the time to be able to devote to any family history research or this blog or much of anything else!!

I apologise to those of you who have been popping in to see something new but found it just the same as months ago.  I just hope you will come and visit again.

Since September we have been looking after my (then) 100 year old Auntie Lucy (she is now 101 years old).  She lived on her own, was completely independent and able to do everything for herself.  She would go to her art group meetings twice a week and was still exhibiting her paintings in September.

Then she had a fall and was a bit unsteady on her feet as a result of that.  Her doctor told us that he thought she had had a little stroke.  So we took her home with us and have been looking after her ever since.  She has fluid on the lungs, and has had a couple of infections (all cleared up now), but she has become very very forgetful and unless kept an eye on, could easily hurt herself because she is now unaware of things like hot cooker rings, and will stick her fingers into a toaster while the bread is toasting and picks up red hot plates and bowls but does not realise they are so hot.  So although she likes to do her own breakfast and lunch, we have to watch her and make sure she does not hurt herself.  We cook dinner so she does not have to do any of that.

Anyway, it has become very obvious that she can no longer live on her own so she is staying with us on a permanent basis.  That means that we have to be alert 24/7 to make sure she is safe and comfortable and she tells us she is happy staying with us.

It has meant that we have even less time now to do the things we would normally do, which is why it has become such a long time since I posted to this blog.  Now we realise that Auntie Lucy will always be staying with us I am hoping to get our routines done in such a way so that I can at least have more time to be able to get back to this blog and some lovely family history research.

As it is now Christmas time I have made a little virtual Christmas card for my family and friends (haven’t had a lot of time to do real Christmas cards) and want to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful, happy, healthy, and successful New Year.

Digital card made by me December 2011 - copyright 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.  Hoping to catch up with you more in the New Year.  🙂

April 17, 2011

Something of Interest: It’s my first blogiversary!!!

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Forgive me for blowing my own trumpet, but I am really rather excited to be celebrating my first blogiversary!!  It’s one year ago today that I started this blog and although there has been a couple of gaps because of the awful internet connection problems I was having (and which is still happening a bit off and on), I am quite amazed at just how much information and photos and such I have on here already!

I still have so very much to add, and still don’t seem to have any order as such with adding things.  I know I have badly neglected my Coming Soon section and my Ancestor Anniversaries, so as this blog goes into it’s second year, I will make an earnest effort to get those sorted and properly do posts for them!

As this is a special day, I am also going to announce a new theme for some of my posts, but will write about that in a separate post today.  😉

I want to thank Thomas at GeneaBloggers for adding this blog to the many already listed there, because it has been a turning point which has helped immensely with the items I have blogged about.  It was through GeneaBloggers that I came across the Daily Blogging Themes, and they are a great help to prompt as to what to write about.

I also want to thank all the new geneablogging friends I have made over this first year.  Many have visited my blog and commented, which is always appreciated.  I have visited their blogs and have found them so very interesting and it really doesn’t matter that their ancestors are not connected to mine!

Thank you also to my cousins who also have been popping in to see the blog and either commenting here or by email.  I’m delighted to have found some new cousins both for me and my other half Paul, through this blog. 

Onwards now, to look forward to my next blogiversary in a years’ time.  I wonder if I will have managed to get all the info I have on the blog by then?  More than likely not, as I have so very much and will probably gain even more copies of documents and Wills and photos as my new blog year progresses.

It’s been a wonderful year blogwise for me, and I hope you will find some items of interest in amongst the lot of chitchat I seem to do.

Yaaaaay!!!  A first for me!!  I’m doing a little genealogists happy dance just because it is my blogiversary, but hey, the first one is special isn’t it?   😉

March 9, 2011

Update to March 7 – Women’s History Month – Fearless Females

When I was writing the post for March 7 in this series, for some reason WordPress were having some technical difficulties which were preventing the uploading of photographs to our blog posts.  So for that post I mentioned that I will add the photo later when I was able to.

This is just an update to say that I have now been able to upload the photograph I wanted to use for that post.  And it also means that I have slightly changed the wording of the post too.  🙂

February 25, 2011

I’m Delighted! (There must be a much better word than that)!

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I cannot say just how very delighted I am to be in touch with three “new” cousins this week that found me through this blog.  Isn’t that wonderful?  I have now found several “new” cousins since I started this blog here almost a year ago, or rather I should say, they found me.  I’m so chuffed to bits.

I say I’m delighted but there must surely be a much better word that could be used for finding “new” cousins.  We will all have to see if we can initiate one word that will define to all just how delighted we are to find someone like this.

It’s going to be great to exchange info with Diana, whose grandfather Alfred Burrows was the nephew of my Stephen Read; with Rae whose Moyle family are related to my partner Paul (I’m researching his family history for him) and with Judy who is connected to the Rose family who are connected to my Reads.  Just wonderful!  🙂

February 22, 2011

The earthquake in New Zealand

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I just wanted to say that our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Christchurch at this dreadful time.  I hope they get all the help needed from other countries as soon as possible.

We have cousins in New Zealand.  My knowledge of the geography of that country is very sparse, so I’m hoping that our family are all ok.  I feel helpless over here in the UK  seeing people experiencing this awful event.  Just wish I could do more than offer thoughts and prayers!

January 26, 2011

I’ve been given an Ancestor Approved Award!!

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Well, I am just so very surprised and absolutely delighted to receive the Ancestor Approved Award from Aillin over at the Australian Genealogy Journeys blog.  Thank you Aillin. I am very honoured to receive it.

I have seen these Awards on other blogs but never thought for one minute that I would ever get one.  I’m not sure I deserve it after being absent from this blog for such a very long time (although it wasn’t my fault, it was the terrible internet connection problems I was having).

This Award was originally created by Leslie Ann Ballou of Ancestors Live Here and she asks two things of those that receive it.  She asks that the recipients of the Award should write ten surprising, humbling or enlightening aspects of their research and also asks that we then pass this on to ten other researchers whose family history blogs are doing their ancestors proud.

This has certainly made me think about what to write for the ten surprising, enlightening and humbling aspects of my own research!!  I have already written on the blog about various things that have surprised me or enlightened me although I’m not sure about writing about anything that was humbling.

I’m going to try to add things here that I have not written about on the blog yet and just hope I don’t ramble too much!!

Ten aspects in my research that have Surprised, Humbled and Enlightened Me!!

1.  I have been humbled, surprised and enlightened by my fellow genealogists (whether they are related or friends or even complete strangers to me) who have helped me over the years, with sharing information, photos (which I just so love), searching for things for me and all sorts of other things too many to mention here. I appreciate it so much and it’s nice to be able to thank them here.

2.  A few years ago I was extremely surprised to receive an email from a gentleman (Derek) who had found a message and my email address on a mailing list where I had posted it 5 years  before he found it!!  He was hoping I was using the same email address and it was just great as we are cousins.  I’ve posted messages to so many mailing lists over the years so I have to keep the email address, just in case …

3.  I am humbled by the kindness of a complete stranger in New Zealand who had agreed to take some gravestone pics of my other half Paul’s great uncle Joseph (b. 1882) and Joseph’s family.  What was also surprising is that she also went to the trouble of finding their death records and sent us copies of the death certificates for great uncle Joseph, his wife Elizabeth and their son William.  We can’t thank her enough for going to all that trouble for us.

4.  I am enlightened by the great amount of information that was on those death certificates from New Zealand.  So much more than our own (in the UK) certificates show.  They gave details of when they travelled to New Zealand, how many children they had, how many were living, their ages and so much much more.

5.  And while we are on the subject of New Zealand, I was so very surprised to find that my other half Paul’s great uncle Joseph’s brother Frederick (b. 1870) and his family also travelled to New Zealand, but the most surprising thing is that once there, having travelled all that way from the UK,  Joseph and Frederick went their separate ways!  And seemingly never had any more contact with each other!! 

6.  And regarding my other half Paul’s family, when Paul had turned 60 years old I was surprised to discover that he had a younger brother Nicholas John, born in 1949 but who very sadly died four days later.  Nicholas was never mentioned again by his parents.  We have now been searching for the burial place of Nicholas for ages without any luck so far.  It would be so nice for someone in the family to be able to pay their respects and leave him some flowers.  I find this so sad.

7.  I am very humbled by my 6 x great grandmother Elizabeth (nee Shirley) Read  (1713 – 1786).  I much admire her as I think she must have been an incredibly strong woman because she gave birth to 20 (and very possibly 21) children between 1735 and 1755.  This is at a time when there would not have been much or any medication and certainly none of the modern comforts we have these days like electricity and running water and so on that would be handy to have when giving birth/having so many children.  Fifteen of those children luckily survived to adulthood.  I just think she was a wonderful woman and it must have been so incredibly difficult for her at times.

8.  I was much enlightened by the wonderful Rose Family Tree book that I came across a few years ago whilst visiting an ancestor’s home (and which I have mentioned in the blog).  It was a complete surprise and we videoed(?) it all.  It gave completely detailed information of my ancestors, and included their dates of birth and death which is a terrific addition to have along with baptismal and burial dates.  It also gave details that so and so was the fourth daughter of so and so, or that someone was the only child or only son etc., and then gave details of who they married and who the parents were of the spouses and where they lived. To me, coming across this wonderful  family tree is a real gem – I’m still amazed that I actually saw it and recorded everything in it!!

9.  I am surprised and very intrigued as to why my paternal 2 x great grandfather Joel Mann gives different details about him, his wife and children in all the Censuses they appear in!!  I know it is the same family because for the Head and his wife although the names change a little or just show initials in some cases, the place of birth and ages for Joel and his wife Hannah are consistent throughout the Censuses and also for about thirty years or so, they lived at the same address.  Sometimes, where initials have been used, these have been reversed! I wonder what that was all about!!?

10.  Many years ago, whilst researching my Reads in Oxfordshire, I became aware that there were other Reads there whom I affectionately call the Rich Reads.  I was surprised to find that this particular group of Reads were incredibly rich, titled and have quite a history which is really fascinating.  But even more surprising, is that wherever they are, so are my Reads.  It became obvious through my research that there must be a connection between them, but it has proved extremely difficult to find that connection. I am now back to my 10th x great grandfather Read and trying to find his marriage – which from other details seems to point to the connection between my Reads and the Rich Reads.  It’s not wishful thinking to try to be connected to the Rich Reads.  I have done an incredible amount of research of both groups of Reads and there are just too many what I call “little coincidences” that show they more than likely are the same family.  But as we serious genealogists realise, it has to be proved.  So proving it is what I am trying to do and so far has taken a few years to do.

Goodness, if you have worked your way through reading that list of ten aspects of surprises, enlightenment and humbleness in my research, please now have a look at the blogs of the ten researchers I am happy to pass this Ancestor Approved Award on to.  Whilst choosing the ten, it has been very difficult to make the choice as there are just so many wonderful, interesting, fascinating blogs to see.  So I decided to choose blogs that don’t appear to have received an Award yet.  This is no disrespect to those of you who already have awards – it’s just so difficult to choose.

Ten Researchers Whose Blogs Are Doing Their Ancestors Proud!

(in blog name alphabetical order)

1.  A Geek Girl Does Genealogy  –  The Geek Girl

2.  Blundering Blindly Backwards  –  Rebecca

3.  But Now I’m Found  –  Jennifer

4.  Diary of a Mad Genealogist  –  Jen

5.  Forgotten Old Photos  –  Far Side of Fifty

6.  Gems of the Past  –  Joan

7.  Heirlooms Reunited  –  ToddHouse

8.  It’s All Relative  –  Laura

9.  Wishful Linking Family History Blog  –  Maria

10.  Yesterday’s Girl  –  (Sorry, I don’t know a name to show here)!

Please visit these blogs, I’m sure you will find them as interesting as I do.  Thanks again so much to Aillin for giving me the wonderful Ancestor Approved Award – I can’t stop smiling!!  😉

January 24, 2011

At last I’m back!! It’s been so long!!

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I can’t believe just how long it has been since I was last here and at my Graveyard Rabbit blog  posting new blog items and pics.

I’ve just written a similar post to my Rabbit blog about the most terrible internet connection problems we have been having for a very long time which meant that I could barely do anything on the internet.  The problem was something to do with the speed and the strength of the connection and I would get to my home page showing a good speed and strength and by the time it loaded in the strength had gone down to 1%.  Which meant I was lucky if I could get to another site at all just to even look at.  I certainly was not able to upload photos or even manage to get to my blogs to write anything.   Ooooooooooh it’s been so awful, I have been completely lost with very little access to the internet.  I really don’t know how I managed before I bought a computer!!!

It didn’t help when our service provider told us it was our computer – which was fairly new and had been checked by a local firm, just in case it was the computer.  We even got them to check our wireless router and all was well in that respect.  We get the use of the phone line from another provider and they said it was our computer   😦   here we go again, or our main service provider.  But somehow none of them knew what the problem was but they have managed to fix it.  Well, they fixed it a little before Christmas but it was still very limited as to what we could do and now it seems it is fixed properly.  Still they don’t know what the problem was – I think that’s a cost cutting exercise as none of the companies concerned want to refund the internet charges we have continued paying!!!!!

I must apologise to those who have left a few comments and they have waited such a long time for me to be able to moderate them and show them here.  I hope I will be forgiven for such a long delay.

But the good news is that at last, I can get back into the swing of things and start adding to the blog again.  I’ve missed all this so very much. 

I’ve also noticed that there have been a few changes such as the Daily Blogging Themes for me to have a think about.  Instead of the one topic per day there now seems to be several topics per day and they all look very interesting.  I know I am going to enjoy adding some of these new themes to the blog.

I shall have to do something about my “Coming Soon” Page – the posts I was going to write about have been a long time coming because of this huge gap since I was last here.  I will try to get those done quickly so I can add new things to the “Coming Soon” Page!!

I’m rarin’ to go and start blogging again, got a lot of making up to do for such a big gap between posts!!  It will probably take me a day or two to get back into the swing of things.  😉

July 23, 2010

Which sister is this to Herbert Howard Laity?

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Following on from this week’s Tombstone Tuesday showing the tombstone of my partner Paul’s ancestor Herbert Howard Laity and his wife, and also following our discovery of “new” cousin Charlene, she has asked if I could post this photograph of one of Herbert  Howard Laity’s sisters.

Herbert Howard had six sisters and although this young lady is known to be definitely one of those sisters, no-one is quite sure which one she is.  So we are hoping that just maybe someone out there reading this is connected to the Laity family and recognises the photo.

Herbert Howard’s sisters are as follows:  Aleatha Susan Laity born December 22, 1882; Gertrude Hester Agatha Laity born September 28, 1884; Lillian Winnifred Laity born December 17, 1886; Mabel Prefosia Laity and Elizabeth Jane Laity both born March 17, 1895 and Violet Merian Laity born August 23, 1904.  I just love some of those names!!

Here is the young lady whose name we seek

original photograph in the private collection of C. Faiella - copyright 2010

I have been trying to work out roughly what age this young lady would be in this photograph and it would have been so good to have the name of the photographer on the front, so I could check out when he was taking photographs as that would help.  I daresay there are clues in the style of this young lady’s clothing and hopefully there might also be someone reading this that might just know how to date photos!!

We would love to hear from anyone who is either connected to the Laity’s, or who can help with dating this photo or who could suggest other avenues we could try so that we can delve a little further.

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