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May 29, 2010

My new Graveyard Rabbit Blog

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I have become a member of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits and have a separate blog for that.  It is called Ancestors at Rest Graveyard Rabbit and can be found at   (You will see I am keeping the rootsresearcher name there too).

There isn’t a lot there yet as I only set it up over the last couple of days.

May 25, 2010

I want to be a rabbit – a Graveyard Rabbit!!

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Even looooooong before I was bitten by the genealogy bug I was always interested in graveyards.  I always found them peaceful places to walk around (and still do) and some of the stones and monuments were always quite fascinating.  I stopped and read many inscriptions even though the people laid to rest there were not connected to my family at all.

Once the genealogy bug bit me, I had more of a sense of purpose for strolling around graveyards, still finding them very peaceful and interesting but of course I had the added incentive to discover my ancestors, transcribe any inscriptions that could still be read and if there was no stone, at least I knew which graveyard they were buried in and could still visit.

In more recent years it has saddened me to see so many graveyards turned to just grass with no tombs, monuments, headstones, nothing and where the obvious graves still exist it saddens me so much more to see that many younger people these days have absolutely no respect for those that went before us, because they really don’t worry about standing on an obvious grave, throwing their litter on it, and just trampling all over other graves. And some even vandalise graves!!  Why!?  I always tread very carefully so as not to walk over someone lying there and always utter a quick apology should I inadvertently step on a grave.

I talked to the Vicar of St. Mary’s Church, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire a few years ago when we were able to visit and told him that sometimes it was quite difficult to not step onto someone’s grave and I felt bad if I did that.  He knew I was researching my family history and visiting ancestor’s graves and he just said to me that as I meant no harm at all then they won’t mind!!  So since then I don’t feel quite so bad because I don’t mean to trample on any of my ancestors or anyone else’s, but I still utter a quick apology, that’s just me!!

Since moving and updating this blog to here, and joining Geneabloggers and looking at many other genealogy blogs, which I find so fascinating, I came across the Graveyard Rabbit Association and other Graveyard Rabbit blogs.  They are wonderful and it is so good to see all those who are Graveyard Rabbits trying to inform, educate, preserve and generally try to “look after” their respective graveyards they are interested in.  It made me think that I would very much like to do the same.  So I am hoping to become a Graveyard Rabbit and am now trying to set up a blog to do this, as you have to have a blog especially for that rather than a blog like this one which has all sorts in it genealogywise.

If there are any Graveyard Rabbits reading this, I would be very pleased if anyone could give me some advice about doing this (as it is new to me) and any helpful suggestions as to what to include in the new blog I am setting up for this.

May 17, 2010

I’m not only Twittering, I’m on Facebook too!!

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Well, because I noticed so many other bloggers are on Facebook and Twitter, I thought it best for me to do the same!! So, if any of my fellow Geneabloggers would like to come and say hi to me in Facebook, I would love to hear from you.

I think you will find me there as Christine Alias-rootsresearcher!!  I actually wanted to keep the name I have here for the blog and in Twitter, of rootsresearcher, but Facebook insisted I have a surname.  So I used my actual first name but it still would not accept rootsresearcher as a surname for some reason!  So I added the alias- bit and hence the Facebook name as above.  I don’t really like my name like that but don’t think I can change it!!

I tried to do a profile badge link so you could click on that but it did not turn out right in my sidebar!  I think it may have been a bit big.  Next time I am in Facebook I will look for a smaller profile link button!!

Looking forward to “meeting” new friends and family.  :-)

I’m Twittering now!!!

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Oh my goodness, what have I done?  I am now at Twitter and have no idea what I will be tweetying (or whatever they call it) about, apart from my family history research I suppose!!  ;-)

I can’t believe that during the first few minutes of getting my profile set up that I gained one follower!!  So, of course I had to have a looksee didn’t I and I really should not have been that surprised that it was a naughty spammy thing and so within ten minutes of being in Twitter, I had to block my first unwanted follower!!!

You can find me at  (my blog name was far too loooooong to use)  and I would love to hear from my fellow genealogy bloggers and any cousins who might also be Twittering – I really don’t want to be too lonely there for long as I am just floundering around not quite knowing what I should do there! I have added a follow me link to the sidebar so hopefully that will work if you want to come and say hallo in Twitter.

I managed to find Geneabloggers so they are the first for me to follow.  I’m looking forward to finding and making many more friends in Twitter and through this blog too.

Tweet, tweet!!!!!

May 13, 2010

Ancestor Anniversaries

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I have decided to do a series of what I call Ancestor Anniversaries.  A sort of “this day so many years ago so and so was born” (or married or died etc..)

While trying to sort different things out for this blog I realised that many of my ancestors are not delved into enough by me and for some I have very little information on them.  So, I thought that whenever the day falls that any have a birthday or baptism, marriage or death/burial or anything else I have found that is significant in their lives, I would mention it here in Ancestor Anniversaries. 

That will also help show me who needs more attention for delving into and also what other things I should be checking where I am in the middle of a search concerning any ancestors.  And for those ancestors with very little information, at least they are not being forgotten!!

I will try to illustrate with photos if I can where applicable, but feel that sadly many people about to be featured in this series have virtually nothing I can illustrate their details with.  That means I must get out and about at some stage and take lots more photos!! And get copies of more records and …

I will start this series today in a separate post.

May 8, 2010

“Digby” Read added to Eureka Moments and more …

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I have just added a post about “Digby” Read that I had originally on my old blog, so many of you will have already seen it except it has changed a little from how I wrote it then and there is a photo added too.   ;-)   But since I am trying to make this new blog better and more organised, I have copied the original “Digby” Read post to the Eureka Moments!! category.  The idea being that that will be where you will also find the update to my discoveries on “Digby” Daniel Read!!  Although there is now an update to be added with more news about “Digby” Daniel, still the search goes on … (news about that in the update).

I have also added a bit more to my About Me page – again, this was something I had on the old blog but it explains a bit more about how I started this wonderful journey searching for my ancestors.

April 27, 2010


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These are Daily Blogging Themes suggested by Geneabloggers:  Sentimental Sunday; Madness Monday; Tombstone Tuesday; Wordless Wednesday; Treasure Chest Thursday; Follow Friday and Surname Saturday.

I can’t promise that I will add something every day but I am sure within all my research I have some bits and pieces I can mention for each of all those themes.

I have been visiting other genealogy blogs that I have found through Geneabloggers and have found them all so very interesting, it really doesn’t matter that these don’t connect to my own research.  Most are fascinating and I think it is wonderful that so many people are choosing to write about their ancestors.  The people that came before us will not be forgotten.

My very first Daily Blogging Theme will be today, Tombstone Tuesday!!

April 22, 2010

Added lots of things and more …

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I have managed to add lots of photos today and some “Old documents” and hopefully soon I can add the family tree charts too.

For those of you wanting to see the old blog site (as there might be some bits and pieces there that I have not added here yet) please go to: 

but please make sure you come back here as this is now my genealogy blog site instead of the other one!!  :-) 

A couple or so days ago I joined Geneabloggers (yet to add their link badge – not too sure how to do it) and found it extremely interesting.  They have what they call a Daily Blogging Theme, giving those of us with our genealogy sites a theme to talk about based on our research etc..  I am hoping to start Sunday or Monday, so make sure you pop back occasionally to check out Sentimental Sunday; Madness Monday; Tombstone Tuesday; Wordless Wednesday; Treasure Chest Thursday; Follow Friday and Surname Saturday.

I have worked out what I am going to write about for Tombstone Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday and Treasure Chest Thursday and of course Surname Saturday, so I might well be here every day next week.  (That will make a change for me then)!!

I have also been busy scanning most of all the documents and things I have collected over many years  to the computer, with a view to adding bits and pieces here on this blog.  So watch out for some various things  turning up here – some may well be the topics for the Daily Blogging Theme!!

I’d love to know what you think of my updated blog here – there won’t be any more added to the old site now.

Catch up with you soon!!  ;-)

April 17, 2010

Trying To Get Organised – Hope My System Works!!

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I have tried to set up Categories which cover so far most of what I have researched or where I am having problems with research with certain ancestors.  At the moment these are concentrating on my paternal READ side of the family (and those marrying into the READ family).

I have still got to bring over from my other blog site all the things I had there and there are some maternal side of the family details there and also some ancestor photos and various other bits and pieces.

No doubt as I add more to this hopefully more organised blog, I will find that some of my categories don’t really work!  It will be a question of trial and error and we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that it works out ok otherwise those of you reading this will be going all over the place to try to follow what I write here .  ;-)

I suppose I should set up a General category for things like this post that don’t really tell you anything about our family history!!

I’ll play around for a bit putting little posts under different Categories to see how it works. 

Catch up with you soon, hopefully with some proper family history bits and pieces.  :-)

Moving So That’s Where I Get It From to here!!

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Hopefully this will be the new home for my genealogy blog So That’s Where I Get It From.  (I’ve just got to work out how to move all the bits and pieces where I had it to this site – should be fun).

Once I’ve discovered what’s what here, I will get this blog organised and then start adding things.  Make sure you pop back again soon!!  ;-)

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