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March 3, 2011

March 2 – Women’s History Month – Fearless Females

March 2 – Photograph

For this post we are asked to post a photo of one of our female ancestors, say who is in the photo, when it was taken and why was this photo selected.

The photo I show here is for a female ancestor known to me as Aunt Kate because that is how my Mum and my Aunt refer to her.  Aunt Kate is Kate Tuck born about 1859 in Ablington, Wiltshire, UK.  She married Thomas Cousens (born about 1858 and referred to by the family as Old Uncle Tom)  in 1880 in Hampshire, UK.  They had five children.

Original photograph in my private collection - copyright 2011


I find it very interesting that my Mum and Aunt refer to Kate as Aunt Kate because in fact she is their 1st cousin twice removed!

This photo must have been taken about 1929 – mid 1930s but as yet I have not ascertained when Aunt Kate died or how old she is in this photo.

The reason I selected this photo is because I just think she looks a very nice person and I don’t have too many other photos of female ancestors that haven’t already appeared here in the blog.  I also wanted to do some more blog posts on my maternal side of the family.


March 1 – Women’s History Month – Fearless Females

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March 1 – Favourite Female Ancestor

For this first post in the series March – Women’s History Month, we are asked if we have a favourite female ancestor.  One we are drawn to or want to learn more about.  We are asked to write down some key facts we have already learned or what more we would like to learn and any goals and potential sources we plan to check.

It has been very difficult to choose my favourite ancestor but I decided on Rachel Read (c 1707 – 1803) of Oxfordshire.  Rachel is the sister of my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read and it was because of her that I was able to find so many more ancestors and her and Cozens Read’s siblings.

As Rachel never married and had no children, she seemed to want to leave bequests to all her nephews and nieces so her Will gives so much information on names, married ladies with their husband’s names and even mentions her cousin Ann Cozens who lives with her, which helped confirm the parents of Rachel and Cozens Read and confirmed all the details I had for Cozens Read’s children.  Just wonderful.

There is a little mystery with Rachel though as I have not been able to find where she and her brother William Read were born/baptised.  I have searched a great deal and am continuing to do so, but I am thinking that their baptisms are lost in the gap years of some of the Parish Registers where for some reason they were not kept up.  I’m hoping other Wills will provide some clue one day.

I hope to find out more about Rachel Read too, other than that she was unmarried, died of a seemingly very old age and lived at Brimstone House/Farm in Tiddington, Oxfordshire.

March is National Women’s History Month

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As this is the month which is honouring National Women’s History, we are given a chance to feature our female ancestors which I think is a great idea, because they do get left behind a little when it comes to researching/writing about them and so on as I think many genealogists prefer to follow male lines.

Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist has come up with some blog prompts specially for this month of Women’s History.  The idea is to do 31 posts (one for each day of March) about our female ancestors.  There’s a different prompt for each day and so I have decided to give it a go, although I am coming in on Day 3!!  So today I will be doing three separate Fearless Female blog posts and then hopefully will be doing the others on the day they should be done.  I think this is going to be interesting.  🙂

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