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April 14, 2011

Surprises: My Surprise Present!!

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I was completely taken by surprise yesterday, because my brother Alan had bought something for me that he knew I wanted very much (and which was on my Christmas Wish List for later this year).

He is not so very into our family history, but does listen when I talk about it, although sometimes with that glazed look in his eye that non-genealogists get.  😉   So he very kindly treated me to this:

Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2011


A handheld scanner!!   Wow, this is such a wonderful gift for me.  I can take it with me to Record Offices to scan documents and parish registers and all sorts.  I can take it with me to visit my family to scan lots of old photographs and I have so very many copies of documents and Wills that need to be scanned so I am going to have a wonderful time with my new present!!  🙂

Here is a pic of me using it today, having worked out how it works!!

Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2011


I scanned those Marriage Licences that came the other day with my new present today.  (I also posted this photo to my Project 365 Photo Journal blog (where I am taking a photo every day for a year) at  Now I am ready for anything!!  Armed with my portable scanner and digital camera there will be no stopping me now!!  😉

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