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Quainton Reads – a bit of a quandary!

Aaah, the Quainton Reads, so many of them.  A lot coming from the Nether Winchendon Reads, and a lot coming from Northamptonshire Reads and a lot just from, well, Quainton.  And a few Reads marrying Reads in amongst these people too.

The quandary?  Well, Cousin Maureen, Cousin Norman and myself all did our own research and were all of the same opinion that a particular William Read who married Elizabeth Read Bush was the son of  one particular Read couple.  But, Cousin Ann did her own research and was certain that the William Read who married Elizabeth Read Bush was the son of another Read couple. 

I decided that I would check ALL Quainton Reads, including ALL strays that I could find, so I have gone through the baptism, marriage and burial parish registers for Quainton and I have gone through all the Censuses for Quainton and all the Censuses where Quainton Read people have strayed to elsewhere in the UK and other records besides!

It has taken a great deal of work, but I have enjoyed it immensely.  It does not help that the William Read that Cousin Ann is rooting for for being the husband of Elizabeth Read Bush dies after the 1841 Census!!  Why oh why did he not try and last at least until the 1851 Census, because that might have given a clue as to where he was really from.  And it does not help that I can’t find any other relevant William Read that could be the William that Cousin Maureen, Cousin Norman and I are rooting for anywhere.

The age of Elizabeth Read Bush’s husband more appropriately fits the William that Cousin Ann is supporting but of course, we all know that ages can be incorrect in censuses and with only a baptism date someone could have been any age other than just a baby when they were baptised.

But after a great deal of searching, perusing, digging and delving, and poring over this record and that record, I have to say that I am now on the side of Cousin Ann!!  I haven’t been able to prove it conclusively … yet!!  But I’m sure something will turn up that supports this more.

I have to sort out my research for the Quainton Read quandary and as soon as I do, I will add it here for everyone else to try and reach their own conclusion.  It will certainly be very interesting to see what others think of this!!



  1. Hi Christine (is that your name?)

    I am researching my family history and think that the George Samuel Massey that married Jane Read at Quainton on 12 July 1819 could be my ancestor.

    We are descended from an Edward Massey, who was married in Sydney (Australia) in 1858. He was fromn Stoke Newington and the only son of the late George Samuel Massey of Stoke Newington. Edward Massey was born in 1820, which would tie in with the above wedding date.

    We can seem to find Edward Massey in the 1841 Census in Middlesex, but no sign then of George Samuel Massey. There are two Jane Masseys in the 1841 Census in Middlesex (one born in 1781 and one born in 1796), but we are not sure if either are the ex-Jane Read.

    We are also having difficulty finding out when Edward Massey came to Australia but he does not seem to have come as a convict (his occupation at the 1858 wedding was given as “Accountant”).

    If you have any further details about that Jane Read (especially the 1819 wedding), I would be interested in finding out about it.


    Peter Pond

    Comment by Peter Pond — May 5, 2011 @ 4:26 am

    • Hallo Cousin Peter, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment – I’m so very pleased to hear from you. (Yes my name is Christine) 🙂 I am very interested to hear of your connection through Jane Read and George Samuel Massey. I’m sorry to say that I can’t help you too much with the info you have!! I have searched and searched for George and Jane but have not been able to find anything that could be them in the Censuses, or one of them if the other had died. I have tried searching for them all over the UK just in case they moved away from Middlesex or even Buckinghamshire if they stayed there for a while at first. I do not have any additional information either about their marriage and cannot find anything at all that points to when each of them died.

      A long time ago I found some information on the IGI regarding George Samuel Massey. I have yet to check that info further but it looks like he was baptised in 1783 at St. Katherine Coleman, London along with seven siblings baptised at the same place between 1769 – 1787 their parents being William Massey and Mary.

      I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful at the moment to you, but now we have found each other, I will let you know any new information should I come across it. Please do keep in touch.

      Kind regards,

      Cousin Christine (rootsresearcher)

      Comment by rootsresearcher — May 9, 2011 @ 11:23 pm

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