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Katharine READ (nee LOVJOY)’s Will

Katharine READ is my 8 x great grandmother (or as I would normally refer to her she is Cozens READ’s grandmother).  Her Will is only one of three I have found for the READs at Caversham, Oxfordshire. (Well to be precise there are only three READ Wills and one READ Admon).

The Admon is for her husband John READ (my 8 x great grandfather) and the other two are for two much earlier READs who I haven’t quite linked to my family … yet.

Anyway, regarding Katharine’s Will,  it thankfully names her children except one who had died a few years before she made it.  So it is therefore a very helpful Will  in that it gives her daughters’ married names but she also leaves me with more questions being asked!

Mystery:  Why does she leave some of her children one shilling and some ten pounds each. She also states in the Will words to the effect that it is being made to save arguments later!! So, what was going on there???

I do know that  if someone has been cut off from the family, or in disgrace for some reason, sometimes they are left one shilling. So, was Katherine particularly displeased with some of her children for a reason? I also know that sometimes if the child has received a lump sum of money before the parent dies, then they get less when the Will is made, but when I have come across this, the Will almost always states that the reason they are getting less is because they have already had the bulk of what was going to be left to them, so this makes it obvious that that child is not in disgrace or been cut off. Katherine does not say anything like that in her Will!! 

I wonder if I will ever find out the answer?  It is extremely intriguing and a real mystery!!


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