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May 24, 2010

Something of interest: Recorded in the Domesday Book

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My brother Alan went a-wandering for me to Bletsoe in Bedfordshire yesterday.  This was to take pics of the church and gravestones there as it wasn’t too far away from him, regarding my discovery that “Digby” Daniel Read eventually moved to this place and had a family there. (See Eureka Moments regarding “Digby” in the menu to the right).

Alan took various photos and this one interested me greatly, as I have not seen it before anywhere:

Original photograph taken by my brother copyright 2010 A. K. Read

As this plaque shows, the Community of Bletsoe was recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086.  I have not heard of the National Domesday Committee who placed this plaque at St. Mary’s, Bletsoe but think this is a wonderfully interesting idea for those places that are mentioned in the Domesday Book and are still extant.  Apart from churches and castles and Stonehenge etc., we don’t have many buildings or places that age – 900 years old!!

I hope I will start to see more of these plaques appearing in the ancient towns and villages – I somehow don’t think the buildings and places we build these days will last nearly so long!!


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