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March 8, 2011

March 8 – Women’s History Month – Fearless Females

March 8 – Did one of your female ancestors leave a diary, journal, or collection of letters? Share an entry or excerpt.

I was thinking that maybe I could not write something about this as we have no diaries, journals or anything like that from any female ancestors.  But, then I remembered that a few years ago a “new” cousin sent me extracts from the diary of one of our shared ancestors, Annie Humphreys. 

I actually have a transcript of the extracts here already on the blog under the Pages section – Old Documents – Transcript of Diary Extracts (where you will also find transcripts of the diary extracts of Annie’s husband John Hughes Cox) but I will show Annie’s diary extracts again here in this post as it is for this theme.

The Diary was that of Annie Humphreys (1843 – 1909) who later married John Hughes Cox (1841 – 1913) whom she writes about in some entries.  They married in 1866 at Haddenham Baptist Chapel, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, UK. 

Extracts from the Diary of Annie Humphreys – 1864

July 1864: Mr. Edward Clark called and I saw the dear little baby for the first time. Mr. Wm. Clarke and Mr. Shrimpton called. Aunt and Uncle Rose from Eythrope drank tea and supped with us. John tells me his Mother is very poorly.

July 24th: At Lane End. Mr. Butcher there and Mr. Robert Munger. John and I went a walk to Bitchendon. The scenery is truly picturesque.

July 25th: John and I went through Leighton Buzzard to Woburn where we left the horse and chaise and walked in the park and gardens. We to Brogborough to Mr. Checkleys.

July 26th: John and I had a nice ride to Bedford. James Checkley living at Brogborough now.

July 28th: Returned to Lane End. Mr. and Mrs. Cox were gone to a party at Cranwell. I can truly say the more I see of my friends at Lane End the more I like them.

July 30th: Mrs. Cox of Bitchendon has kindly invited me to make one of her party at Velvet Lawn. Poor Mrs. Little has met with a sad accident by setting fire to herself.

Oct. 17th: Today I suppose Miss Dodwell has changed her name into Mrs. Rose. I hope they will be happy and think in all probability they will. I believe them to be much attached to each other.

Feb. 1865: John Rose from Aylesbury preached. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clarke and John came. I think Mrs. Clarke such a very nice young lady. I really do not know where to look for her equal.

Jan.: Went to a “Dorcas” Meeting at Stockwell Lane, a great many ladies present. Worked until 8. Met Miss Carrie Clarke of Haddenham. Aunt from Pinner has persuaded Papa to have his likeness taken, so have been to Mr. Paynes, Aylesbury. Mr. W. Rose from Haddenham came.

That is all I have of extracts from Annie’s diary and so wish I had more.  The cousin who sent the above has sadly died and I know he had more extracts, a photo of Annie and John and other bits and pieces of great interest. 

I just don’t know if it would be the right thing to do to now ask his son what was done with my cousin’s genealogy research, photos, documents etc..  What do you think?  Should I ask?


May 18, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: John Hughes Cox and Annie Humphreys

Today for Tombstone Tuesday I have a photo of the gravestone for John Hughes Cox and his wife Annie (nee Humphries).  This is the couple whose Diary Extracts I have shown under the Old Documents Pages.

They married on 25th October 1866 at Haddenham Baptist Chapel, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire  some details of which John wrote about in his Diary which are included in the transcript extract.

John and Annie went on to have 7 children and moved several times within Buckinghamshire to different farms that John had.

This is my own photo taken in 2000 copyright 2010

 There is a similar stone either side of John and Annie’s which are those of two of their children.  This gravestone is near the edge of the churchyard at Lower Winchendon, Buckinghamshire and just behind it is one of the homes/farm where they lived for quite a while.

I get the feeling from the diary extracts that John and Annie were a very loving couple and I once had the chance of having a photo of them if I wanted it, but at the time I did not know how they were part of my family, so declined for a while.  Sadly the “new” cousin that offered this has since died and I am not sure about asking his family if I could now have a copy of that photo!!

John and Annie were 3rd cousins to each other and both were 2 x great grandchildren to my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read.

May 14, 2010

Ancestor Anniversaries: Sarah Rose

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The Ancestor Anniversary for today is that of Sarah Rose.  She is the 2 x great granddaughter to my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read and today is her death anniversary, in 1865.

Sarah died at age 31 and her birthdate and death date I found in the huge Rose Family Tree book I was lucky enough to see some years ago, and which I mention elsewhere in this blogsite.  I possibly need to get her death cert to ascertain how she died, but I rather suspect it was in childbirth (or as a result of it) as this is almost the same time she had her third child.

Sarah’s husband was Francis Cox and he too is a 2 x great grandson of my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read.  (I seem to have quite a number of couples who share Cozens Read in my tree)!!

The Rose family and Cox family are very intertwined and also because four Roses married four of Cozens Read’s children, they are rather intertwined with my people too!

It’s very sad that Sarah died so young, but as the family seem to have been “comfortable” with their finances, let’s hope she had a worry-free and enjoyable short life.

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