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July 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday follow-up: The answer!!

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For those of you that saw my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday posing the question I Wonder What They Are Looking At???  with the following photo:

original photograph taken by me Summer 2009 - copyright 2010

Did you have a guess?  Did you guess right?  Here’s a little clue:

original photograph taken by me Summer 2009 - copyright 2010

Yep, it’s someone in a Bee-Keeper’s outfit!!   I had to face my greatest fear – I am allergic to things like bee and wasp stings and know that such stings can kill.  So, when we were visited by a huge swarm of millions (well maybe not millions but thousands) of bees which proceeded to go down one of our chimney pots and into our bedroom!    Shriek!!    Aaaaaaaagh!!  How awful is that? 

My brave partner Paul ventured into the bedroom to open the windows to let them out.  But the silly things went out the window and back up to the chimney pot and back down into our bedroom!  Which is what the family are looking at in the photo I used for Wordless Wednesday yesterday. 

Our friend arrived in her Bee-Keeping outfit and was hoping to gather the swarm and take it back to her small farm to add to the beehives she already had.  So she came armed with a smoke gun (to make them sleepy – well it’s supposed to) and her net to gather them somehow in their huge round swarm.   But …

They would not get sleepy!  They had lots and lots of smoke aimed at them in our bedroom, but they would not shift or sleep.  We tried on and off for hours to make them sleepy so our friend could come back and get them.  This went on for a couple of days or so and of course meant that we could not sleep in our bedroom and our clothes and bits and bobs were in there and the bees were happily going everywhere in there!!!

Unfortunately we ended up having to kill them, they just would not shift or get sleepy.  Some got out back up the chimney but most stayed and were not intending on going anywhere else!!

original photograph taken by my partner Paul - Summer 2009 - copyright 2010

This photo shows a tiny, tiny sample of some of them, there really were thousands.  It took a couple of weeks sleeping on the chairs in our living room before we sorted everything out and made sure there were no angry bees laying in wait for us in the bedroom!


June 30, 2010

List of Wills added & copy of Cozens Read’s Will

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On the Wills (Paternal Side) Page I have added a copy of my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read’s Will and underneath that a transcript of it.

I have also added two Pages in this section – called List of Wills  –  READ (A – M) and List of Wills – READ (P – W).  There’s a long story as to why I split the list, maybe I will tell you another time!!  😉

If anyone wants a copy of Cozens Read’s Will just either right click, save to your computer etc., or I can send a copy via attachment in an email.  For any copies of the other Wills listed I can send those via attachment in an email also.  Just let me know what you would like!

In the next day or two I hope to also add to this same section a List of Wills of other surnames of those who married into the Read family or Read females who married into other families.

I’ve got a large number of Wills so it has taken a bit of time to sort them all out!

I’m waiting for 13 more Read Wills to come from the Buckinghamshire Record Office but so far they are well over the 10 working days for delivery.  I sent a query but got an autoresponse that they hope to reply to that within 5 working days!  So if I still haven’t received my Wills (which are all paid for) by the time they answer my email about the non-delivery so far, it will be much much later than they state for delivery time!!  I expect our postman has been wondering why I have eagerly and avidly been awaiting his arrival every morning for days!!!!!

June 25, 2010

I just want to say thank you!

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I have received a lot of emails and some comments regarding my last Sentimental Sunday that I posted here about my dear late Dad. 

I just wanted to say thanks for the lovely things you have all said about it, and hope that as it has brought thoughts about your own late Fathers that I haven’t made you feel too sad.

Perhaps I should have written more about my Dad, but I am sure I will be mentioning him a few more times on this blog, just as I often mention my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read!

Thanks again everyone for your lovely messages to me, I really do appreciate it.

Help!!! Hope the person this is for sees it!!!! – re: an Olliffe burial?

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I have been driving myself mad the last couple of days because one of my “new” cousins mentioned in an email or message (on Genes Reunited maybe?) that they were looking for a burial for their ancestor with the surname Olliffe and I know that this is also connected to the Cox family and Rose family.

I have searched and searched and can’t find the message this cousin wrote to me anywhere and I now have some information that may well be of great help to them, and because I have such a jumble of things on my mind I really cannot remember which of my cousins mentioned this burial to me.

I don’t throw away any of the emails/messages I get from cousins and friends, so know the original message is where it was sent to.  But I have been through everything and just cannot find it.  I think it was fairly recent (in the last month or so), but then again it might have been a bit longer ago than that – I lose track of time when engrossed in my genealogy research!!!

I am really hoping that the person this applies to visits my blog occasionally and will see this and if so, please put a comment here or send me another email/message please.

I am soooooooo sorry about this and now I have some hopefully very useful information, I want to get it to that particular cousin.

June 16, 2010

Find-a-Grave: I’ve now joined and added my first memorial

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Having done the Find-a-Grave Challenge a couple of weeks or so ago, I had decided that I would join so that I could add the graves of many of my ancestors.

I joined today and for the first added ancestor it had to be for the grave of my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read!!  I only had time to add his, but over the next few days I intend to add a lot more ancestors.  The link to his memorial if anyone wants to visit is: page=gr&GSmid=47304706&GRid=53752951&

June 14, 2010

Follow-Up on my cousin getting back to her 25 x great grandfather!!

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It’s just about a week since I posted here with a lot of excitement about my cousin Maureen discovering her 25 x great grandfather and that she was now in the realms of the Crusades and whatever else was going on waaaaaaaaay back then!  I’m really envious too, as it would be so good to research your ancestors back in those times, and I think I will start having some difficulty getting back to even the 1400s with my ancestors.

Well, yesterday cousin Maureen emailed me again.  This time it was to tell me of her Eureka moment!!  And my goodness, what a Eureka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moment it must have been for her!!  She had told me last week that she was obtaining a particular book through the Inter-Library loan service which detailed this particular family line she was tracing on her maternal side.  The line is that of Corfield.  I thought it was wonderful that there was a book Maureen could obtain that would enlighten her more on this particular branch of her family, and I know myself when I have started to delve into older books, the information is usually fairly spot on as people had been able to access records that were extant then but now are no longer in existance or if they are, probably completely unreadable.

Well, about cousin Maureen’s Eureka moment!  She managed to see the book at the library last Friday – I think it has taken her almost the whole weekend to come back down to earth!! 😉   She has now gone back to her 28 x great grandfather and believe it or not, according to this book, that gentleman is King William I.

But her 22 x great grandfather is King Edward I and it is through his wife (cousin Maureen’s 22 x great grandmother) that this Corfield line goes back even further.  In Maureen’s own words:  “… it was mind blowing …”  and her 22 x great grandmother’s family go back such a long way, taking in El Cid.  (I never realised he was a real person – showing my ignorance here – but I know this is the time of chariots and such) and Maureen’s family also go back to the Kings of Portugal and more and go on back to 827 BC.  Cousin Maureen said “Surely something must not be right.  I just can’t take it all in”.

So, although a completely wonderful Eureka moment for her, cousin Maureen is a bit doubtful about all this.  I have suggested again that she really should start a blog about how she follows all this and what she discovers with her research.  I haven’t heard back from her yet, but won’t this all be so wonderful to research even if some or all turns out to not be true.  But then again, would someone writing such a book make all that up?  And if it is all true, where would cousin Maureen start with all this research?  She has to prove it for herself however long it takes.

I love history so would relish getting stuck into this particular research, so whatever the end result, if cousin Maureen does follow it all through she is in for a very interesting time.  (Should I start practising curtseying do you think)? 😉

Tidying up!!

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I’ve just been pottering here tidying things up and think that the Pages menu on the sidebar now looks a lot clearer than it was!  I was thinking that the titles of what the Pages were about sort of blended into the rest of that menu.  I made the titles of each Page bold so that it stands out and think that now looks a lot better, certainly more easy to see what the Pages are about.

I wanted to do the same with the Categories for my blogposts but it just won’t let me do that!!  I thought if I made the Category titles stand out like the Page titles, it would all look much better.  I have even tried some html against the titles but that does not work.  It seems that the titles for my blogpost Categories will remain that way no matter what I want to do!  So, if there is anyone out there familiar with WordPress templates who could let me know if there is any way I can change the titles of the Categories from how they are to bold, I would be extremely grateful!

I’ve also added a little genealogical poem to the sidebar, different to the one I added to the sidebar in my Ancestors at Rest Graveyard Rabbit Blog.

It was like Christmas today, as I received some lovely genealogical storage bits and pieces to help even more with the Challenge I have just done to get all my genealogy paperwork sorted. I’m going to enjoy this soooooo much.

But I must also get going and start adding all the other things that are lined up to be included in this blog!!  I somehow wish we had 48 hours for every day!!!

Catch you later!  😉

June 6, 2010

Getting back to a 25 x great grandfather! Not me, but a cousin.

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I heard from my cousin Maureen this evening.  I am absolutely delighted for her as she appears to be going into new realms of family history research.  She has managed to take her maternal side of the family waaaaaaay back to a 25 x great grandfather!  Isn’t that wonderful!  I don’t think I have come across anyone managing to get back that far.

Maureen tells me that that family came from Normandy and that one of them actually fought in the first Crusade.

So, she has some very interesting history to delve into there and I wonder how much further back she will be able to go.  Where do you start delving into Normandy and the Crusades!!  I have suggested to Maureen that maybe she should start a blog into her research on her 25 x great grandfather and let us know what she discovers.  I am thrilled for her, this is so exciting.

April 22, 2010

Added lots of things and more …

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I have managed to add lots of photos today and some “Old documents” and hopefully soon I can add the family tree charts too.

For those of you wanting to see the old blog site (as there might be some bits and pieces there that I have not added here yet) please go to: 

but please make sure you come back here as this is now my genealogy blog site instead of the other one!!  🙂 

A couple or so days ago I joined Geneabloggers (yet to add their link badge – not too sure how to do it) and found it extremely interesting.  They have what they call a Daily Blogging Theme, giving those of us with our genealogy sites a theme to talk about based on our research etc..  I am hoping to start Sunday or Monday, so make sure you pop back occasionally to check out Sentimental Sunday; Madness Monday; Tombstone Tuesday; Wordless Wednesday; Treasure Chest Thursday; Follow Friday and Surname Saturday.

I have worked out what I am going to write about for Tombstone Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday and Treasure Chest Thursday and of course Surname Saturday, so I might well be here every day next week.  (That will make a change for me then)!!

I have also been busy scanning most of all the documents and things I have collected over many years  to the computer, with a view to adding bits and pieces here on this blog.  So watch out for some various things  turning up here – some may well be the topics for the Daily Blogging Theme!!

I’d love to know what you think of my updated blog here – there won’t be any more added to the old site now.

Catch up with you soon!!  😉

April 17, 2010

Trying To Get Organised – Hope My System Works!!

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I have tried to set up Categories which cover so far most of what I have researched or where I am having problems with research with certain ancestors.  At the moment these are concentrating on my paternal READ side of the family (and those marrying into the READ family).

I have still got to bring over from my other blog site all the things I had there and there are some maternal side of the family details there and also some ancestor photos and various other bits and pieces.

No doubt as I add more to this hopefully more organised blog, I will find that some of my categories don’t really work!  It will be a question of trial and error and we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that it works out ok otherwise those of you reading this will be going all over the place to try to follow what I write here .  😉

I suppose I should set up a General category for things like this post that don’t really tell you anything about our family history!!

I’ll play around for a bit putting little posts under different Categories to see how it works. 

Catch up with you soon, hopefully with some proper family history bits and pieces.  🙂

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