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February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Day Trip on the Thames


This photo shows my grandmother who is clutching a handbag, Lucy Harriett Sinclair (nee Dartnell) (1883 – 1984  yes she lived for 101 years) with Mrs. Warnes.  For my Gran, Mrs. Warnes was like a second mother to her after her mother died when Gran was 14.

Original photograph in my private collection - copyright 2011

I know this was a day trip sailing on the River Thames but no idea when it was.  I love the clothes and hats!!  😉


May 19, 2010

Ancestor Anniversaries: Johnson Moyle and Sophia Laity

A second Ancestor Anniversary today, this time it is to remember the Wedding Day of the Grandparents of my partner Paul, Johnson Moyle and Sophia Laity on this day in 1894 at Helston Register Office, Cornwall.

Johnson was born in 1872 at Helston and died, also in May, in 1957 at Camborne, Cornwall.  His wife Sophia was also born in Helston in 1872 and died the same year, only a month or two apart from her husband, in 1957 at Blackwater, Cornwall.  And until I just typed these details here, I had not realised before that apart from a few months, Johnson and Sophia were the same age as each other almost exactly until their deaths!!

This is the main street in Helston, Coinagehall Street, during the 1800s

Obtained several years ago from the internet - copyright unknown but please let me know if it is yours!!

On his Birth Certificate Paul’s Grandfather is named Johnson Moyle, but by the time he marries Sophia, the Wedding Certificate shows his name as Johnson James Moyle.  We have no idea where the James came from, but Johnson’s Grandfather was called James, so maybe he adopted the name?

Johnson and Sophia had 5 children and although I don’t know roughly when this was, Johnson spent some time sparring on occasions with the famous Cornish Boxer Bob Fitzsimmons who was also born in Helston (1863 – 1917).


May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: 100 Years Ago

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My Gran Lucy Harriet Sinclair (1883 - 1984) with her children - Gordon (died very young) and Lucy (soon to be 100 years old)

Original photograph in my private collection  –  copyright 2010

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