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February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Laity Family Gathering

This photo was taken just a few years ago, of the Laity Family Gathering at Perranuthnoe, Cornwall.  My partner Paul’s grandmother and great grandmother were Laitys.

Original photograph taken by a member of the gathering - copyright 2011


These people came from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other places as well as those from the UK.  It was wonderful!!


July 23, 2010

Which sister is this to Herbert Howard Laity?

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Following on from this week’s Tombstone Tuesday showing the tombstone of my partner Paul’s ancestor Herbert Howard Laity and his wife, and also following our discovery of “new” cousin Charlene, she has asked if I could post this photograph of one of Herbert  Howard Laity’s sisters.

Herbert Howard had six sisters and although this young lady is known to be definitely one of those sisters, no-one is quite sure which one she is.  So we are hoping that just maybe someone out there reading this is connected to the Laity family and recognises the photo.

Herbert Howard’s sisters are as follows:  Aleatha Susan Laity born December 22, 1882; Gertrude Hester Agatha Laity born September 28, 1884; Lillian Winnifred Laity born December 17, 1886; Mabel Prefosia Laity and Elizabeth Jane Laity both born March 17, 1895 and Violet Merian Laity born August 23, 1904.  I just love some of those names!!

Here is the young lady whose name we seek

original photograph in the private collection of C. Faiella - copyright 2010

I have been trying to work out roughly what age this young lady would be in this photograph and it would have been so good to have the name of the photographer on the front, so I could check out when he was taking photographs as that would help.  I daresay there are clues in the style of this young lady’s clothing and hopefully there might also be someone reading this that might just know how to date photos!!

We would love to hear from anyone who is either connected to the Laity’s, or who can help with dating this photo or who could suggest other avenues we could try so that we can delve a little further.

July 20, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Herbert Howard and Alice Laity

I had actually planned to do another ancestor for Tombstone Tuesday today, but a couple of weeks or so ago a “new” cousin of my partner Paul found us through this blog, which is absolutely amazing and we are so delighted by this.

Paul’s grandmother was Sophia Laity and his great grandmother was Eliza Leaity but apart from some family tree information, we have never had any Laity photos. 

Paul’s “new” cousin has very kindly been sending us some photos and Paul has discovered that his youngest son actually looks like Herbert Howard Laity who is now today’s Tombstone Tuesday ancestor along with his wife Alice.

Herbert is Paul’s grandmother Sophia Laity’s nephew and we now also have a photo of Sophia’s brother too.

Herbert Howard and his wife Alice Oprie Williams were both born in Camborne, Cornwall in 1890.  Before they married Herbert Howard travelled to Canada and a year later Alice went to join him.

Paul’s cousin believes this photo of Herbert Howard and Alice to have been taken on their wedding day in Ottawa, Ontario

original photograph in the private collection of C. Faiella - copyright 2010

Paul’s cousin sent the next photo to us today, which is why I am including it in this post and as well as having our first Laity family photos, this one is also a first as it is the first tombstone photo we have of any of Paul’s family so very far away from Cornwall.

original photograph in the private collection of C. Faiella - copyright 2010

Herbert Howard and Alice Oprie (Williams) Laity are buried in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

July 19, 2010

Certificates added to the Want Copies? page!!

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I am feeling very guilty!  Since upgrading my blog and moving it to here, I haven’t really added much to the blog regarding my partner Paul’s family. 

A “new” cousin of Paul’s found us a couple of weeks or so ago through this blog, which is absolutely wonderful and we are now in the midst of sending bits and pieces to one another.  But, it made me realise there is very little here for any of Paul’s family and the “new” cousins to look at, compared to all that I have for my Reads!!

So, today I have added some Certificates to the Page: Want Copies? in the Certificate section for Partner’s side.  I shall be adding more as time permits and of course I really need to start adding the Certificates for my side of the family too.

Just keep an eye out on those pages when you visit and hopefully you will see bits and pieces added for you to look at and take copies.  The more I add the less guilty I will feel (I think)!!   😉

May 19, 2010

Ancestor Anniversaries: Johnson Moyle and Sophia Laity

A second Ancestor Anniversary today, this time it is to remember the Wedding Day of the Grandparents of my partner Paul, Johnson Moyle and Sophia Laity on this day in 1894 at Helston Register Office, Cornwall.

Johnson was born in 1872 at Helston and died, also in May, in 1957 at Camborne, Cornwall.  His wife Sophia was also born in Helston in 1872 and died the same year, only a month or two apart from her husband, in 1957 at Blackwater, Cornwall.  And until I just typed these details here, I had not realised before that apart from a few months, Johnson and Sophia were the same age as each other almost exactly until their deaths!!

This is the main street in Helston, Coinagehall Street, during the 1800s

Obtained several years ago from the internet - copyright unknown but please let me know if it is yours!!

On his Birth Certificate Paul’s Grandfather is named Johnson Moyle, but by the time he marries Sophia, the Wedding Certificate shows his name as Johnson James Moyle.  We have no idea where the James came from, but Johnson’s Grandfather was called James, so maybe he adopted the name?

Johnson and Sophia had 5 children and although I don’t know roughly when this was, Johnson spent some time sparring on occasions with the famous Cornish Boxer Bob Fitzsimmons who was also born in Helston (1863 – 1917).


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