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April 16, 2011

Something of Interest: Gwennap

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Today has been a gloriously sunny day, so we decided to go and do some research at Gwennap Churchyard, Cornwall and find the resting places of some of my other half Paul’s ancestors.

By the time we got there it had clouded over but it still gave a very peaceful feeling there.  It’s looking pretty with all the Spring flowers dotted about but it was a much larger place than I realised it would be!!

We will have to come back another time to really search for Paul’s ancestors, but while there, and seeing how well preserved many of the tombstones are, I decided that I would add Gwennap Churchyard to my Ancestors at Rest Graveyard Rabbit blog.  I am the Graveyard Rabbit on that blog for Mithian, Cornwall which is where Paul’s dear Mother and Grandparents rest (and which sadly is a closed church with goodness knows what will happen to the churchyard) and the church/churchyard at Lower Winchendon, Buckinghamshire where there are a large number of my ancestors including my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read.

Gwennap Churchyard

Original photograph taken by me today 16 April 2011 - copyright 2011


The flowering Cherry Blossom tree dominates the churchyard at the moment and I am very pleased we went today and saw it looking like this.

I found many of the tombstones very interesting, even though they weren’t connected to Paul’s family and there was a lot of information on some of them and they seem to have withstood all that time and weather has thrown at them!


February 25, 2011

I’m Delighted! (There must be a much better word than that)!

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I cannot say just how very delighted I am to be in touch with three “new” cousins this week that found me through this blog.  Isn’t that wonderful?  I have now found several “new” cousins since I started this blog here almost a year ago, or rather I should say, they found me.  I’m so chuffed to bits.

I say I’m delighted but there must surely be a much better word that could be used for finding “new” cousins.  We will all have to see if we can initiate one word that will define to all just how delighted we are to find someone like this.

It’s going to be great to exchange info with Diana, whose grandfather Alfred Burrows was the nephew of my Stephen Read; with Rae whose Moyle family are related to my partner Paul (I’m researching his family history for him) and with Judy who is connected to the Rose family who are connected to my Reads.  Just wonderful!  🙂

February 16, 2011

Wednesday’s Child: Nicholas John Moyle

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Nicholas John Moyle is my partner Paul Moyle’s younger brother.  But Paul did not know he had a younger brother!  I discovered Nicholas when Paul was over 60 years old.

Paul has a vague memory from his childhood that there was a baby in the house, very briefly.  Then the baby went away and nothing more was ever said about it, so over the years Paul thought nothing more of it.

Birth Certificate for Nicholas John Moyle

Copy Birth Certificate in my private collection - copyright 2011


Sadly, Nicholas John Moyle only lived for four days.  He died of “Prematurity”.

Copy Death Certificate in my private collection - copyright 2011


I cannot show a tombstone for Nicholas or even give information as to where he is buried as we have no idea where this would be!  Even if his parents could not afford a tombstone, he would be buried somewhere, but no matter how much searching I have done, I just can’t find the burial.

I shall continue searching for Nicholas’ burial so that someone from his family will eventually be able to pay their respects and leave some flowers for him.

February 14, 2011

Amanuensis Monday: “I Forbids The Banns”

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Amanuensis Monday is a blog theme started by John Newmark on his blog Transylvanian Dutch, in which he is transcribing letters, newspaper articles, audio tapes, and a war diary etc., concerning his family.

John explains Amanuensis as “a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another”.

For this Amanuensis Monday I am transcribing a newspaper article.  This article was sent to me by my partner Paul’s “new” cousin Charlene, who found us through this blog last year.  The article concerns Paul’s great grandfather William Moyle.

The article itself is from The West Briton, a newspaper for Cornwall, UK.  They have a regular column called Yesteryear and this item was in their 150 years ago section.  The item refers to a newspaper item originally dated 21st September 1860.

Original newspaper article in The West Briton 2010, my copy of it used here - copyright 2011


Transcript of newspaper article:

From the West Briton, September 21, 1860

FORBIDDING BANNS – On Sunday morning, marriage banns were called in Helston church, for the second time, between William Moyle, of Wendron, and Caroline Laity, of Helston. After the Rev. R. Tudor had read the usual form, the congregation were surprised by a person in a loud voice saying, “I forbids the banns”. A half-suppressed titter ran through the church, and all eyes were directed to the quarter whence the challenge came, where stood a stranger who, it appeared, was the father of Moyle. After a moment’s pause, Mr. Tudor requested him to into the vestry at the close of the service, which he did. It is said the principal reason urged was the youth of the expectant bridegroom, who has only seen eighteen summers, and delves with pick and shovel underground for little wages, while the bride elect is of maturer years. Whether the stern parent has shown sufficient cause to prohibit the blessing of the priest, or whether he will yet relent and allow incipient bliss to be consummated, are matters that engage the attention of the gossips of the town.



This was such a surprise for us to see.  This marriage did not take place at all because only five months later William Moyle married Eliza Leaity the sister of Caroline Laity.

William and Eliza married on 23rd February 1861 at the Register Office in Helston, Cornwall.  He was aged 20 and working as a Tin Miner and Eliza was aged 22 at this time.

I have always wondered why they married in the Register Office when the rest of the family members married in church.   Now I know why, thanks to cousin Charlene sending this newspaper article.

Quite obviously they did not need Banns to be read because of marrying in the Register Office so maybe William’s father James Moyle did not know about the marriage at that time.  This was after all only five months later and not to Caroline, but her sister, who was also older than William, but Eliza was only a year younger than her sister Caroline.

It obviously did not take William Moyle long to get over Caroline.  Maybe his father James somehow knew that a marriage to Caroline would not be right!!

January 26, 2011

I’ve been given an Ancestor Approved Award!!

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Well, I am just so very surprised and absolutely delighted to receive the Ancestor Approved Award from Aillin over at the Australian Genealogy Journeys blog.  Thank you Aillin. I am very honoured to receive it.

I have seen these Awards on other blogs but never thought for one minute that I would ever get one.  I’m not sure I deserve it after being absent from this blog for such a very long time (although it wasn’t my fault, it was the terrible internet connection problems I was having).

This Award was originally created by Leslie Ann Ballou of Ancestors Live Here and she asks two things of those that receive it.  She asks that the recipients of the Award should write ten surprising, humbling or enlightening aspects of their research and also asks that we then pass this on to ten other researchers whose family history blogs are doing their ancestors proud.

This has certainly made me think about what to write for the ten surprising, enlightening and humbling aspects of my own research!!  I have already written on the blog about various things that have surprised me or enlightened me although I’m not sure about writing about anything that was humbling.

I’m going to try to add things here that I have not written about on the blog yet and just hope I don’t ramble too much!!

Ten aspects in my research that have Surprised, Humbled and Enlightened Me!!

1.  I have been humbled, surprised and enlightened by my fellow genealogists (whether they are related or friends or even complete strangers to me) who have helped me over the years, with sharing information, photos (which I just so love), searching for things for me and all sorts of other things too many to mention here. I appreciate it so much and it’s nice to be able to thank them here.

2.  A few years ago I was extremely surprised to receive an email from a gentleman (Derek) who had found a message and my email address on a mailing list where I had posted it 5 years  before he found it!!  He was hoping I was using the same email address and it was just great as we are cousins.  I’ve posted messages to so many mailing lists over the years so I have to keep the email address, just in case …

3.  I am humbled by the kindness of a complete stranger in New Zealand who had agreed to take some gravestone pics of my other half Paul’s great uncle Joseph (b. 1882) and Joseph’s family.  What was also surprising is that she also went to the trouble of finding their death records and sent us copies of the death certificates for great uncle Joseph, his wife Elizabeth and their son William.  We can’t thank her enough for going to all that trouble for us.

4.  I am enlightened by the great amount of information that was on those death certificates from New Zealand.  So much more than our own (in the UK) certificates show.  They gave details of when they travelled to New Zealand, how many children they had, how many were living, their ages and so much much more.

5.  And while we are on the subject of New Zealand, I was so very surprised to find that my other half Paul’s great uncle Joseph’s brother Frederick (b. 1870) and his family also travelled to New Zealand, but the most surprising thing is that once there, having travelled all that way from the UK,  Joseph and Frederick went their separate ways!  And seemingly never had any more contact with each other!! 

6.  And regarding my other half Paul’s family, when Paul had turned 60 years old I was surprised to discover that he had a younger brother Nicholas John, born in 1949 but who very sadly died four days later.  Nicholas was never mentioned again by his parents.  We have now been searching for the burial place of Nicholas for ages without any luck so far.  It would be so nice for someone in the family to be able to pay their respects and leave him some flowers.  I find this so sad.

7.  I am very humbled by my 6 x great grandmother Elizabeth (nee Shirley) Read  (1713 – 1786).  I much admire her as I think she must have been an incredibly strong woman because she gave birth to 20 (and very possibly 21) children between 1735 and 1755.  This is at a time when there would not have been much or any medication and certainly none of the modern comforts we have these days like electricity and running water and so on that would be handy to have when giving birth/having so many children.  Fifteen of those children luckily survived to adulthood.  I just think she was a wonderful woman and it must have been so incredibly difficult for her at times.

8.  I was much enlightened by the wonderful Rose Family Tree book that I came across a few years ago whilst visiting an ancestor’s home (and which I have mentioned in the blog).  It was a complete surprise and we videoed(?) it all.  It gave completely detailed information of my ancestors, and included their dates of birth and death which is a terrific addition to have along with baptismal and burial dates.  It also gave details that so and so was the fourth daughter of so and so, or that someone was the only child or only son etc., and then gave details of who they married and who the parents were of the spouses and where they lived. To me, coming across this wonderful  family tree is a real gem – I’m still amazed that I actually saw it and recorded everything in it!!

9.  I am surprised and very intrigued as to why my paternal 2 x great grandfather Joel Mann gives different details about him, his wife and children in all the Censuses they appear in!!  I know it is the same family because for the Head and his wife although the names change a little or just show initials in some cases, the place of birth and ages for Joel and his wife Hannah are consistent throughout the Censuses and also for about thirty years or so, they lived at the same address.  Sometimes, where initials have been used, these have been reversed! I wonder what that was all about!!?

10.  Many years ago, whilst researching my Reads in Oxfordshire, I became aware that there were other Reads there whom I affectionately call the Rich Reads.  I was surprised to find that this particular group of Reads were incredibly rich, titled and have quite a history which is really fascinating.  But even more surprising, is that wherever they are, so are my Reads.  It became obvious through my research that there must be a connection between them, but it has proved extremely difficult to find that connection. I am now back to my 10th x great grandfather Read and trying to find his marriage – which from other details seems to point to the connection between my Reads and the Rich Reads.  It’s not wishful thinking to try to be connected to the Rich Reads.  I have done an incredible amount of research of both groups of Reads and there are just too many what I call “little coincidences” that show they more than likely are the same family.  But as we serious genealogists realise, it has to be proved.  So proving it is what I am trying to do and so far has taken a few years to do.

Goodness, if you have worked your way through reading that list of ten aspects of surprises, enlightenment and humbleness in my research, please now have a look at the blogs of the ten researchers I am happy to pass this Ancestor Approved Award on to.  Whilst choosing the ten, it has been very difficult to make the choice as there are just so many wonderful, interesting, fascinating blogs to see.  So I decided to choose blogs that don’t appear to have received an Award yet.  This is no disrespect to those of you who already have awards – it’s just so difficult to choose.

Ten Researchers Whose Blogs Are Doing Their Ancestors Proud!

(in blog name alphabetical order)

1.  A Geek Girl Does Genealogy  –  The Geek Girl

2.  Blundering Blindly Backwards  –  Rebecca

3.  But Now I’m Found  –  Jennifer

4.  Diary of a Mad Genealogist  –  Jen

5.  Forgotten Old Photos  –  Far Side of Fifty

6.  Gems of the Past  –  Joan

7.  Heirlooms Reunited  –  ToddHouse

8.  It’s All Relative  –  Laura

9.  Wishful Linking Family History Blog  –  Maria

10.  Yesterday’s Girl  –  (Sorry, I don’t know a name to show here)!

Please visit these blogs, I’m sure you will find them as interesting as I do.  Thanks again so much to Aillin for giving me the wonderful Ancestor Approved Award – I can’t stop smiling!!  😉

January 24, 2011

Something of Interest: Lots of “new” cousins found!!

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I’ve just been moderating the comments that were left while I was unable to get into the blog and found several “new” cousins.   I’m so thrilled and delighted and will certainly be emailing them all very soon.  I’m just hoping that the delay in responding to them hasn’t made them give up on me!!

Before I could not get into the blog I had already found several “new” cousins through the blog, so it is certainly a very good way of meeting family we did not know we had.  And now I have found some more cousins, it’s just wonderful.  I’m so excited!!  😉

July 19, 2010

Certificates added to the Want Copies? page!!

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I am feeling very guilty!  Since upgrading my blog and moving it to here, I haven’t really added much to the blog regarding my partner Paul’s family. 

A “new” cousin of Paul’s found us a couple of weeks or so ago through this blog, which is absolutely wonderful and we are now in the midst of sending bits and pieces to one another.  But, it made me realise there is very little here for any of Paul’s family and the “new” cousins to look at, compared to all that I have for my Reads!!

So, today I have added some Certificates to the Page: Want Copies? in the Certificate section for Partner’s side.  I shall be adding more as time permits and of course I really need to start adding the Certificates for my side of the family too.

Just keep an eye out on those pages when you visit and hopefully you will see bits and pieces added for you to look at and take copies.  The more I add the less guilty I will feel (I think)!!   😉

June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Paul, Pippin and Demelza Duck!

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Following on from Tombstone Tuesday yesterday about my Great Uncle Frederick and his ducks, I thought it would be ok to follow that today on Wordless Wednesday with a photo taken last week in our garden!  This one is for posterity when our future descendants will see their great great great grandfather (Paul) with our pets!

Original photograph taken by me in our garden 10th June 2010 - copyright 2010

June 1, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Nora Moyle and Johnson & Sophia Moyle

This Tombstone Tuesday post is for that of the graves of my partner Paul’s mother Nora and his grandparents Johnson and Sophia.  Johnson and Sophia are already mentioned under my Ancestor Anniversaries theme for their Wedding Anniversary.

Paul’s mother died in March 1957 and within just a few months of losing her, his grandparents also died, Sophia first and then Johnson.  They are buried together in two graves at St. Peter’s, Mithian, Cornwall.  This is one of the churchyards that I am the Graveyard Rabbit for and please visit my Ancestors at Rest blog (link in the sidebar to the right), to see the blog I posted there today about the sad, neglected churchyard and closed church, which will help explain why the photographs I show here make the graves look very unkempt!!

Original photograph taken by me at Mithian, 31st May 2010 - copyright 2010

 These are the inscriptions for each grave:

Nora Moyle

Original photograph taken by me at Mithian, 31st May 2010 - copyright 2010

Johnson and Sophia Moyle

Original photograph taken by me at Mithian, 31st May 2010 - copyright 2010

And this is how Paul’s mother and grandparents’ graves look from the main path!!

original photograph taken by me at Mithian, 31st May 2010 - copyright 2010

If the flowers weren’t there, you wouldn’t know that Paul’s mother and grandparents are lying at rest as it would be impossible to see the gravestones in all that overgrowth!!

May 19, 2010

Ancestor Anniversaries: Johnson Moyle and Sophia Laity

A second Ancestor Anniversary today, this time it is to remember the Wedding Day of the Grandparents of my partner Paul, Johnson Moyle and Sophia Laity on this day in 1894 at Helston Register Office, Cornwall.

Johnson was born in 1872 at Helston and died, also in May, in 1957 at Camborne, Cornwall.  His wife Sophia was also born in Helston in 1872 and died the same year, only a month or two apart from her husband, in 1957 at Blackwater, Cornwall.  And until I just typed these details here, I had not realised before that apart from a few months, Johnson and Sophia were the same age as each other almost exactly until their deaths!!

This is the main street in Helston, Coinagehall Street, during the 1800s

Obtained several years ago from the internet - copyright unknown but please let me know if it is yours!!

On his Birth Certificate Paul’s Grandfather is named Johnson Moyle, but by the time he marries Sophia, the Wedding Certificate shows his name as Johnson James Moyle.  We have no idea where the James came from, but Johnson’s Grandfather was called James, so maybe he adopted the name?

Johnson and Sophia had 5 children and although I don’t know roughly when this was, Johnson spent some time sparring on occasions with the famous Cornish Boxer Bob Fitzsimmons who was also born in Helston (1863 – 1917).


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