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June 15, 2010

Something of Interest: Widdow Ghost demanded her Will

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My dear late Dad had a wonderful collection of old documents, a couple of which I have shown on this blog under Sentimental Sunday.  Whilst completing my personal Challenge last week, I found tucked away in amongst my genealogical bits and pieces one of Dad’s framed items.

This particular item is in fact two things, original parchment papers that are concerning a couple of different, unrelated (as far as I know) people somewhere in Buckinghamshire and are not connected to my family.

I show the whole framed “picture” here but the smaller extra parchment I will show again separately to make it clearer.

Widdow Ghost demanded her Will

original photograph taken by me and original document in my private collection - copyright 2010

The first parchment piece says:  May 17th 1721: Widdow Ghost demanded her Will Lodg’d in my hands & I gave it her.

The second smaller parchment piece is shown separately here

original photograph taken by me and original document in my private collection - copyright 2010

This smaller piece is even older and I transcribe here what I can make out, but there are a few parts that I just can’t decipher now!!

December ye 4, 1660

…(?)  of Mr. King Minister of Bourton ye sume of Seaven Shillings and XXX pense(?)   …(?)  …(?)  in  (And this next line I can’t make out at all!  But it ends with)  0 – 7 – 0  

                                                        Yours(?)  Rob Beauley(?)

I seem to remember many many years ago when my Dad first had this, and my eyes could obviously read this sort of thing easier, that it was either an IOU or repaying an IOU by Rob Beauley(?).  Of course, all those years ago I did not think of making a transcription then and was not thinking that many years later my eyesight would change as I got older!!

If anyone reading this can make out what is said on this piece of parchment, please let me know so that I can keep a proper record of it.  🙂


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