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March 2, 2011

Wednesday’s Child: Edward, Robert and Edward Read

For today’s Wednesday’s Child I am giving details of three of seven children of William Read (c1709 – 1758) and his wife Mary (nee Turner) (d. 1790).  William is the brother of my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read.

William and Mary lived in a few different places while having their children, going by where they had them baptised (and/or buried).  Their first child, Edward was born in June 1737 at Stoke Talmage, Oxfordshire, UK and died one month later and buried in Wheatfield, Oxfordshire.

I don’t have a photo of his grave as I could not find one, but here are some photos of the church at Stoke Talmage and the church at Wheatfield.

Stoke Talmage

Original photograph taken by me in Stoke Talmage, Oxfordshire in 2000 – copyright 2011



Original photograph taken by me in Wheatfield, Oxfordshire – copyright 2011


Another child of William and Mary Read’s to die very young is Robert, born in 1738 and died in 1739 at Wheatfield, Oxfordshire aged just six months.

William and Mary then had another son they called Edward and he survived a little longer than his brothers.  He was born in September 1743 at Great Haseley, Oxfordshire and died one year and one month later in 1744 at Wheatfield.

It must have been a blessing for William and Mary to see their remaining four children survive and they lived on into their adulthood.



June 5, 2010

Ancestor Anniversaries: Edward Read

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This latest Ancestor Anniversary is to mark the Baptism on this day in 1737 of Edward Read.  Edward is the nephew of my 6 x great grandfather Cozens Read and is the son of William Read and Mary Turner, their first child.  Sadly there isn’t much to tell about Edward as the poor little chap died when only about 6 weeks old.  He was Baptised in Stoke Talmage, Oxfordshire and within those six weeks he was buried in Wheatfield, Oxfordshire.  His parents had only been married about a month when he was born.

The church at Wheatfield, Oxfordshire where Edward is buried. The church is in the middle of a field.  (Please excuse the poor quality)

Original photograph taken by me in 2004 and in my private collection - copyright 2010

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